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Lucknow Real Estate Requirements

Muslim Locality has properties both for investment purpose very close to national highways apart from immediate residential properties in several parts of the Lucknow city, such as Residential Plots, Commercial Plot, Residential Land, Commercial Land etc

Yes, there are gated colonies for enhanced security as well.

There has been a tremendous interest shown by Muslims preferring to live in a community in a Muslim society. Yes, the new population of Lucknow wants to live near Masjid in the vicinity of marketplace, main roads/national highways, schools, airports etc to ease their lives while creating far sighted approach for the better of children.

Muslim Locality is becoming quite a booming name in today’s new population of Lucknow where they can get daily needs of items/eatables with ease, comfort and quickness.

Yes, Muslim Locality offers a highly bright option for retirees who want to live and gel well with the tehzeeb of Lucknow and looking forward to ensure a “right set of upbringing” to their families and children as well.

Lucknow due to its Nawabi culture is a witness to Shia Masjids and Karbala. It has always been known for its culturally rich traditions and it can be seen in the dealings of people where you can see Due to the enriching roots of people which can be seen in the upbringing of generations, Muslim Locality vouch to give you a life-time of pleasurable and awesome experience for generations to live amidst a life of serenity, calmness, happiness for generations to come.

Properties in Muslim Locality of Lucknow

Yes, Muslim Locality promise to remove your concerns, doubts and queries by making sure that your journey of owning the property in a Muslim Majority Area becomes easy, quick and hassle free.

Muslim Locality Lucknow is proud to be associated with an increasing base of happy, satisfied and awesome base of clients by giving them properties in different areas of Lucknow. You can get Houses, flats, apartments, Kothi, Duplex, Bunglow and Farm house, based on your choice.

Muslim Locality Lucknow welcomes interested buyers for purchasing land/house either for immediate use or for investment purpose.

The long list of clients of Muslim Locality :-

We have sold to Non-Resident Indians currently living in Gulf and other parts of the world as well who want to settle in later parts of their lives in the comforts of Lucknow surrounded with traditionally rich culture.

We have sold Residential Plots, Commercial Plots, Residential Land, Commercial Land to residents of Uttar Pradesh belonging to different cities

Our clients also include people from Lucknow city who are happily living in different Muslim locality of the Lucknow city

Muslim Locality Lucknow always takes care of the following considerations before serving the clients

Muslim Locality Lucknow has always believed in serving clients by dealing with properties which have their legal backing comprising of all the supported documents in place for complete peace of mind once and forever

Muslim Locality Lucknow choose Muslim area properties which are situated the closest to main roads/national highways only because these areas are “first to be developed” and register the best value for money in minimum possible time.

Muslim Locality Lucknow has got wide range of network with several land-owners of Lucknow city to give you a more pin-pointed results based on your interest, liking and importantly, budget. We don’t boast about the fact that our properties are well under budget lower than other land-owners in the specific area where you can feel happy, blessed and satisfied to be a part of choosing the best of service in town.

Muslim Locality Lucknow upon request can get you long list of clients who have made their “happy home” in the heart of Lucknow and are also recommending others to get properties.

Where are the Muslim Dominated areas of Lucknow near Masjid?

Lucknow consists of homogenous mix of population but there are various areas of the city which can be easily categorized as Muslim Majority Areas. While most of the old areas with their narrow lanes and by lanes are easily categorized as Muslim Localities such as Moulviganj, Hussainabad, Khadra, Sarfarazganj,Maulviganj, Kashmiri Mohalla, Saadatganj, Akbari Gate, Nazirabad , the new Lucknow which has been built/ and is being continuously built since last 10-15 years such as Khurram Nagar, Abrar Nagar, Adil Nagar, areas around Kursi Road can be termed as Muslim Dominated areas with Masjid nearby.

Yes, the aforesaid mentioned areas are regarded to be quite a preferred option for families eyeing to make a name for themselves with a bright future in Muslim Localities of Lucknow.

Loads of Muslim Localities can be easily seen on either side of Kursi Road right starting from Tedhi Pulia to Kursi, expanding beyond 20 kms. The area is becoming quite a preferred location apart from IIM Road which has the closest proximity with the old Lucknow. Yes, the old area of Lucknow can be easily seen through historical buildings and monuments right near to IIM Road depicting quite a culturally rich life where you can be a proud witness to Roomi Gate (Roomi Darwaza), Jama Masjid, Bara Imambara, Clock Tower. Every mornings and evenings are going to be special with the coveted looks of the aforesaid mentioned monuments right from your terrace house itself.

Muslim Locality Lucknow has current ongoing projects on several parts with a prime focus on Kursi Road, Sitapur Road, and Faizabad Road in Muslim Localities.

Considering the reflection of the trend if viewed out of the last 10 years, the properties have registered a boom by creating the speediest and fastest development in the Lucknow city.

Yes, the Muslim Localities have seen a systematic planning with
  • Wide roads
  • Proper drainage
  • Electric poles
  • Near to Main Roads/Connecting Road and Highways

As it said that the above mentioned areas have seen the widest possible development in recent years and currently all the inhabitants in these places are enjoying smooth transportation facility, in the form of city buses, three wheelers as well. The roads leading to the areas right from railway-station, bus stations and airports are smooth and wide thus giving you pleasurable experience (apart from morning and evening rush) of moving to your place right within easy reach.

Associate yourself with Muslim Locality and feel a part of satisfied purchasers who have got the best of dealing in terms of transparency and easiness. So, what are you waiting for?