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Amu housing flat in muslim locality & Muslim colony in Noida Muslim housing society Noida

Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh

As you all know that at present there is a competition in all fields of life. One can not survive till he has the capacity to complete them. For this the wide knowledge on the subject / field is required which can only be achieved through education is provided throughout the world through colleges, institutions and universities. To achieve their goal everyone migrates from one place to another.

It is so there in Aligarh that people come here from all over the cities of India and outside countries to gain education as they know that in Aligarh there is the famous great seat of learning known as Aligarh Muslim University which comes in existence through an act passed by the floor of Parliament.

In 1920, basically trans founded as Anglo Oriental College Aligarh by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan which later on convert as Aligarh Muslim University it is worldwide famous because of its unique culture, character, brotherhood, coordination and cooperation, specifically for high standard of education it will be not out of point to mentioned here that the AMU has very well planned research system in every field/ subjects and for there is highly qualified staff having specialty in the subjects / field at present approximately following staff are as on the role of the university –

  • 1. Technical staff – 1400
  • 2. School teachers – 350
  • 3. Non-Teaching staff – 6000

which about 30,000 students are on roll it is well disciplined university having very high standard of education available for the students with all the required facilities – Maulana Azad Library is one of the best library in Asia, which remain open throughout day and night for the facility of students.

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We all are very proud of its unique character and culture, here in Aligarh you will realize what Ganga Yamunia Tehzeeb is. It is one of the best university of India providing high standard of education in cheapest form. AMU not only educate them in disciplined manner but make characters and in returned as good Indian citizen who believe in mankind brotherhood and to love their nation. All the students either non-Muslim or Muslim live in hostels like their brother and sisters as in their own homes without the least thinking from which caste they belong. The unity brotherhood learn them to know what is cooperation, coordination, self-respect in their life of studentship.

This is the reason one who comes Aligarh for getting education became a part of us most of them try to settled here for their studies or to get their children / relatives admitted here for studies most of them migrates from their home town and settled here once for all for this they purchased plots, lands, houses and flats etc. and settled here forever.

As far as I know 40% of the population of Aligarh is of this type of migrants who come here for getting education and settled themselves here finally. This is the main reason that the purchase of lands, plots, houses and flats are increasing very sharply. The construction work is going all around Aligarh almost everywhere and every site you will see construction of multi-storied building, complexes as that these migrants come here for their children/relatives studies can be accommodated.

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The second main reason Aligarh is growing very rapidly as a modern business centre, industries of hardware locks, specially for manufacturing sophisticated machinery parts are on the way while such persons came here for their business purpose they want to educate their family members here it solves their two purposes, one is business and second education. In they became here and settled in Aligarh and became part of us due to the spaces plots, lands, flats are only available in Civil Lines, Aligarh and outskirts. Thus, you will realize that the main attraction of outsiders to come Aligarh and settled here after purchasing lands, houses, plots and flats to get education of their choice in the famous high seat of learning and became a part of Aligarh. Aligarh is well connected to Delhi.