Our Partners

It's been 2 decades of working together since we launched a small consulting firm as SS Consultants ( Shahid Shariq Consultants). This is a place for solving every civil engineering need. From searching sand to building castles we have been here through all high and lows.

Our commitment is mutually decisive since the initials. Priorities are prime concern with due respect for each other instincts and mannerisms. Professional attitude is entirely different in sight but we always share a common goal. Building a big dream was not at all easy, but our continuous efforts and requisite talents made it come true.

About Us

SS Builder is a new name in the league of developers. Although it had created some ripples by its earlier name Deshbandhu Constructions , but the real father of us is DDC (Demand Developing Centre) based in Dodhpur, Aligarh, Established in 1992. The giant name in phenomenon of real estate.

Real estate is a field work, so it encountered with many frauds. However, with the introduction of DDC, the business has gained a new reputation of honesty and transparency. With their immense hard work and consistency they are now the reigning firm among the developers.

Mr Sabir Rahi the big face of DDC is a man to reckon with. He is an inspiration, tough to challenge and a professional rare to find. It’s been a great fortune for SS Developers (Previous name – Deshbandhu) which was nothing to register before that.

With able guidance and a thorough supervision under DDC we are what we are now.